Black Box Coffee – Upcycling and jam jars in a Brutalist masterpiece

BlackBox Trellick Tower PopUpBlack Box Coffee/Bain Marie/Goldfinger Factory, 13-15 Golborne Road, London.  W10  (part of the Trellick Tower)

(A three-month pop-up that will probably be a different pop-up in early to mid December 2015)

(Bagpuss) Sunday, 3.40 pm

Flat white:  £2.40.  Coffee was a proper flat white, just within the destination coffee realms.  8/10.

Wi-fi: There is wi-fi with a code but not sure if you can get onto it as it’s the furniture/upcycling shop’s wi-fi.

Loo:  A pleasant toilet inside a kind of plywood box/shed; makeshift at its best.

Furniture:  Everything is for sale and it’s old, interesting, upcycled and/or reclaimed.

China:  Appears to be matching, chunky white.

Food:  Has a lot of potential, Bain Marie do healthy-but-tasty looking dishes.  Small menu though from what I could see.

Beards, laptops, MacBooks, tattoos, piercings, pushchairs:  0.  But potential for 5 MacBooks, 2 laptops, 17 beards, 3 tattooed people, 1 pierced person and a lot of pushchairs as it’s a big space and on the edge of Portobello Road/Notting Hill/the Regent’s Canal/West London.

Water facilities:  Self-service water bottle and jam jar “glasses”.  High on the hip scale.

Atmosphere:  Friendly, interesting, fun to choose what kind of table and chairs to sit down on/at, lots to look at.

Summary:  It’s a welcoming space and the Goldfinger Factory is a great concept, an inspiring workshop that encourages creativity with old furniture and “stuff”, particularly  for local children and young adults.  They even sell a rather lovely made-to-order Trellick Tower clock made from wood offcuts.  It’s an ideal place for pop-up food/drink concessions like Black Box and Bain Marie.  It’s also great to be within the Brutalist wonder of Ernö Goldfinger’s Trellick Tower complex.  Good coffee, inspiring location, but sadly a short-lived pop-up.  9/10


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