Foundation Coffee House, Manchester – a place to be cool and hot


The Foundation Coffee House, Sevendale House, Lever Street, Manchester M1 1JB

Time: Monday, 10.30 am

Coffee: black Americano.  I’ve forgotten the price.  This was very good coffee.  It had body and flavour and a kick and it wasn’t burnt.  It’s served on a wooden tray that has dimples in it for your saucer and a glass of water, which I quite liked.  However, the water is in a huge brass urn on the customer side of the counter and the barista insisted on leaning over the counter to fill my glass for me, which was all very unnecessary.  8/10

Beards: Many.  It was in the Northern Quarter, so it kind of goes with territory.

Computers: Ditto.  Definitely more of a Mac place.

Decor: Screams of somewhere trying too hard to look and be cool.  They’ve gone for the distressed walls and floors option with bits of tiling that aren’t quite finished, which made my OCD twitch.  That said, there’s lots of exposed wood (snigger) and it actually looks good and has a very nice atmosphere.  It was ridiculously hot though.

Food: I had a rhubarb cake of some description, which was great.

Wi-fi: I didn’t notice any.

Toilet: I didn’t notice one.

Overall: I was impressed and would happily go back.  8.5/10.


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