Rapha Cycle Club, Manchester – caffeine and Lycra


Rapha Cycle Club, 5 St Ann’s Alley, Manchester M2 6AJ

Time: Tuesday, 1:30pm

Laptops: zero

Macs: zero

Prams/pushchairs: zero (the first floor location may explain that)

Wifi: didn’t see any, but didn’t ask

Toilets: didn’t see any, but didn’t ask

Beards: possibly one

Napkins: didn’t order food, so not an issue

People wearing Lycra: zero (never have my human rights been so infringed…)

Decor: low tables and stools inside a cycling shop/art gallery.  The cafe is nice and light and airy and has a nice view of greenery.  The tables have glass tops with cycling memorabilia inside them.  There’s a large TV over the counter displaying footage of cycling events with the sound on.  There was quite an interesting food menu and complimentary fruit to help yourself to on the counter.

Coffee: Americano £2.50; flat white £2.50

My Americano had a great flavour, but was lacking body.  My friend initially thought his flat white was too creamy, but decided that it was actually very nice by the time he’d finished it.  That’s 6/10 from me and 8/10 from him.

Overall, for the venue and the coffee: 7.5/10


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