Coffee House, Edinburgh – cheap at 80% of the price…


Coffee House, 54 High Street, Royal Mile, Old Town, Edinburgh EH1 1TB

Tuesday, 8.30 am

Black Americano: £1.20 for locals and £1.50 for anyone else.  No, really.

Everything gets served in paper cups, even if you’re staying in.  The coffee was burnt, had no crema and had too much water in it.  However, I did actually feel like I’d had a coffee afterwards, so it gets points for that.  But not many.  3/10.

Beards: None.

Computers: None.

Decor: A sort of greasy spoon meets a coffee shop.  It was all just a bit plastic.

Food:  I didn’t have any, but the range of available breakfast items was quite limited and they looked, well, fairly plastic.

Ambience: A pleasant enough spot, but not somewhere you could comfortably spend any appreciable amount of time.

Wi-fi: I didn’t notice any.

Toilet: I didn’t notice any.

Summary: In an emergency and if you wanted coffee to walk around with rather than sit down and enjoy/tolerate/endure, this would do.  And you could do a lot worse.  I suppose the saving grace is that you could always manipulate an obliging local person into buying your coffee on your behalf and save yourself 30p.  It won’t make the coffee taste any better, but at least you’ll be 30p up and your mind will be full of all manner of possibilities about what else you can trick an unsuspecting Edinburgher into doing for you… 3/10


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