Cupcake Cafe Margate – Chintz and Chihuahuas


Cupcake Cafe, 4-5 Market Place, Margate.

Tuesday, 11am.

Cappuccino, £2. At first I though there had been an error and for some inexplicable reason they had forgotten to add a shot of espresso to the warm milk I was drinking, but no, it was slightly brown (dishwater grey?) in colour beneath the white foam (not crema) and there was a hint of coffee lurking in the background. Such a weak, milky drink that it only deserves a 4/10.

Beards – 0. No hipsters to be seen.

MacBooks / Laptops – 0.

Pushchairs – 1.

Lapdogs – 3 (I yappy pug, 2 quaking chihuahuas)

Furniture – Cath Kidston on crack; chintz, bunting, chintzy bunting, more chintz … did I mention the chintz? Mismatched vintage chairs and tables and an old haberdasher’s counter being cleverly used for cakes.

China – White and unassuming, which was a surprise as I was expecting vintage floral china. Did they miss a chintz opportunity there?

Food – cupcakes looked lovely but were (as cupcakes often are) a bit disappointing. There was nothing wrong per se, they were just a bit “meh”. Cakes should be labelled better at the counter, especially when it comes to allergy advice.

Toilet – I assume so, but I can’t picture where it was.

Wifi – I don’t think so.

Summary – It’s twee, it’s chintzy and it doesn’t have the decency to make up for this with good coffee, or hot chocolate (very definitely cheap and powdered and the marshmallows were meagre and taste-free). Overall I will give it a 5/10 as the cakes were okay, but the coffee only deserved a 4. I will not be going back.


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