Anderson & Co, Peckham – Banoffee, no smooching and a cute garden


Anderson flat whiteAnderson & Co, 139 Bellenden Road (near the junction with Choumert Road), Peckham, London

Wednesday, c11am

Flat white:  £2.50  Good temperature, a genuine flat white (coming after far too many “flat whites” that were more milky coffee with foam than flat and white).  8/10

MacBooks: 2 (expected c5)

Beards: 5 (but not particularly impressive ones)

Pushchairs: 0 (but potential for a fair few)

Toilets:  Smart, cool and black

Furniture:  Kind of mismatched

Anderson cakesFood:  open kitchen, interesting food menu

Cakes:  a banoffee cake and a blueberry and maple caramel cake were consumed, though slightly more exciting in name than taste (but still very fresh and tasty)

Seating:  indoor and outdoor, the latter being rather cute

WiFi:  not that I noticed

Environment:  pleasant, clean and stylised

Ambience:  pleasant but a bit lacking.  The outdoor area is more quirky and intimate (in a nice way, not just full of couples smooching – none were, I should say.  In fact I don’t think there were any couples even, oh except us, but we weren’t smooching …)

China:  appeared to be black for cups and saucers and white for food – classy

Summary:  one of the “Peckham Cool” cafés.  I do like it inside and outside but for some reason I didn’t feel particularly relaxed, though maybe due to a slightly uncomfortable chair.  That said, two people were tapping away on their MacBooks, looking like they were very settled.  I would go again as the coffee is good but, for reasons I haven’t yet put my finger on, it’s not my kind of place, so 7/10.


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