Proper Coffee House, Margate – Bitter & Disappointing

Proper Coffee, Margate(Bagpuss)

Proper Coffee House, 37 High Street, Margate, Kent

Saturday 11am

Flat white: £2.30 Bitter crema, far too hot but miraculously not as bad as it looked so it scrapes a 6/10

Beards: 0 (and even if there had been, I’m fairly certain they wouldn’t have been of the hipster ilk)

Pushchairs: 0

Laptops: 0

MacBooks: 0

Food: lots of nicely presented sandwiches (c£2.95 – £3.80) and some decent-looking cakes.

Furniture: sort of matching but cheap old-looking.  Would have looked a lot better with old stuff as there was a nod to industrial style, and maintaining that throughout would have probably looked better than it did look.

Ambience: distinctly lacking one.  The effort to create one was there, but to me it failed. (I actually feel quite sad as I write up these notes as I’d still rather have gone to this cafe than, say, a Costa Coffee, which I now realise is kind of what Proper appears to be trying to clone – it should at least have tried to do its own thing.  And the staff should have been taught about coffee making)

WiFi: free

Toilet: clean and functional, as you’d hope.

Summary:  The clue is not always in the name.  All round disappointing, though the staff were pleasant.  Lacked atmosphere but not an uncomfortable place to spend time.  (At this point, I realise that I am unable to write enthusiastically, let alone in an interesting way, about bleugh cafes and coffee, for which I apologise).  An all round 5/10 as 6/10 (as that’s what I scored the coffee) might imply I’d go again but I wouldn’t.


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