Lavazza Coffee Shop – Game, Set and Match


Lavazza Coffee Shop, The Baseline Diner, All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, Church Road, Wimbledon, SW19 5AE. 11.30am, Tuesday.

Cappuccino. £2.70.

I had very low expectations from a coffee concession at Wimbledon, most things there being overpriced and underwhelming (apart from the tennis, obviously), so imagine my surprise and delight when I was served with a very good cappuccino. Milk to espresso ratio was perfect, the coffee was mellow and not bitter and the barista even took the time (despite the press of tennis goers needing caffeine) to pour the milk slowly and at the right angle to blend the two elements properly. 8/10.

Beards – 2 that I recall and neat, not hipster. The Wimbledon crowd seemed mostly clean-shaven.

MacBooks / Laptops – 0. Only the Press bring computers to the tennis!

Pushchairs – 1.

Furniture – temporary and plastic.

China – Lavazza cups in Wimbledon colours for those who wanted to sit in a dreary tent.

Food – Food available from the other concessions in the Baseline Diner. I didn’t investigate as we took a packed lunch with us.

Toilet – Plenty throughout the grounds and in surprisingly good, clean order.

Wifi – Pff. I doubt it considering the club’s request that mobiles be switched off or to silent at all times.

Summary – A really good coffee from the Lavazza team, who were well-organised and cheerful despite the amount of work they were having to do. Bonus points for taking pride in making a quality product and charging reasonable prices for it, despite the fact that the crowd at Wimbledon are sitting targets for overpriced crap. As for the atmosphere, well, don’t stay in the tent (sorry, the Baseline Diner), take your cup with you and watch some of the world’s best walloping balls at each other. Keep the lid on the coffee though, in case the match gets exciting!


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