Petitou, Peckham – Ladies Who Lunch, no Del Boy & an Observation on Laptops v MacBooks


Petitou, Choumert Road/Reedham Street, Peckham.  SE15.  Monday, 12.10pm.

PetitouFlat White:  £2.40.  I wasn’t optimistic when the coffee was brought over, looking a bit too pasty and in too large a cup, so it was no surprise that I found the milk/coffee balance weighted in favour of the milk with that odd milk aftertaste with a hint of slightly burnt coffee (hmm, clearly continuing my slightly poncey-sounding faux connoisseur commentary), so a 7, which is a shame as it would be a pleasant place to spend time over a good coffee.

Beards:  3 (one could almost count as 2, it was that impressive and somehow still hipster rather than ZZ Top)

Laptops:  2

MacBooks:  0 (this place definitely has more of a laptop than MacBook vibe – the place has a broader demographic appeal, I think, than the likes of MacBook-centric cafés in the area like Peckham Refreshment Rooms)

Pushchairs:  1 (this low count was a surprise as I’ve avoided returning here for years as it used to be dominated by pushchairs, but see review for Trio, just around the corner, as that is clearly the new pushchair café in the area)

Furniture:  mismatching and in keeping with the lovely old building this café occupies

China:  white.  I get that white is classy and simple, but for me it was a bit too cafeteria style than classic and elegant (like me, ahem!)

Ladies who lunch:  3 pairs, and indeed I’d lunch there myself with a fellow lunching lady as it’s a nice environment and the food looks good, though let down by the coffee.

Outside:  enclosed pavement seating area along a pretty tree-lined street in the area of Peckham which “Oh, Peckham’s rough, I wouldn’t go there” types, whose knowledge of Peckham is all a bit Del Boy, are missing out on.

Toilets:  I’m sure years ago I used the toilet here so there must be one.

WiFi:  none, and I couldn’t even get on BT Openzone.  Though it’s worth refreshing your available networks list to see the interesting politics type names some people have given their networks!

Ambience:  there are a few local leaflets around, lots of people happily chatting, laid back, lovely light from the walls of glass (a former Victorian corner shop?) and the furniture and decor is very much in keeping with the old building.  I like it inside, and outside.

Summary:  a café to spend time in but disappointing coffee.  If the coffee were >8, it’d be an 8.5 for me, but, as it is, it’s more of a 7.5/10.


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