Trio, Peckham – Pushchairs & Primary Colours


Trio PeckhamTrio, 182 Bellenden Road, Peckham.  SE15.  Monday, 12.30pm.

Flat White: £2.20.  Hopeful for an 8 (though see pushchair count below, on which basis I wouldn’t go again even if it did fall within the >8 “destination coffee” category) but looks were a bit deceiving as the coffee was almost overpowering and needed slightly more creamy topping (as an aside, can I point out I am cringing at the ease with which I made that poncey comment … it’s true though).  The taste miraculously improved slightly but I’m going to stick with my initial verdict of a 7/10

Beards: 1 (considering ratio of men to women, I think that was a 100% beard rating based on my scope around the café)

Laptops: 1 (surprising to see someone typing so much amidst the noise)

MacBooks: 0

Pushchairs: [brace yourself] 12 – TWELVE – yes, it’s that spacious, that noisy and all else that goes with that many pushchairs.  But, in fairness, once you walk into the café (but only once you’re in) it’s apparent that it’s a parent and baby friendly place, in fact that it’s predominantly for parents and babies.  Indeed, there is a pre-schooler workshop and children’s activities around (and also those fab, colourful peg boards on the walls).

Toilet: large, clean, comfortable, but beware sitting on the child’s seat attachment if you’re not a child – near incident on my part but it seems wrong to go into that on a coffee review post)

Furniture: matching but nice matching as the tables were each in fairly bright colours.  Although more of a mismatching person, here the matching furniture was perfect and it looked lovely and fresh.

China: matching and stylish and in keeping with the overall decor.

Decor: light, colourful, child-orientated and with a large glass roof – it’s a welcoming space (but it really is for parents and children).

Ambience: if you have a child of pushchair age, it’s probably perfect.  If not, it looks nice but, while I didn’t feel at all unwelcome (we didn’t sit in the large, nursery area), I would not go again as it seems to have been designed for parents and children rather than having been adopted by parents and children.

Outdoor seating: there is pavement seating and a small area at the back, but most of the interior has a glazed roof so feels very outdoorsy anyway.

Food: the food I saw coming out looked very nice, salad-based.  Pastries and usual café fare on display at the counter.

WiFi: don’t know, I spent the whole time in the café revelling in the fact I’ve surely beaten the pushchair count record to date!

Music: music from babyhood, though a class above a mere nursery rhyme playlist.

Summary: Cheery, colourful café that on no account would I suggest as somewhere to go if you want to study, work, have a deep and meaningful conversation with someone. If you want to meet fellow new parents and you have a baby of pushchair age, it strikes me as a great place to go, though make sure your pushchair’s easily identifiable.  It is so not a café for me so I’m not going to score it as it would be a low that wouldn’t reflect that for the right person it would and should be quite a high score.


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