Café Viva, Peckham – Mismatched, Upset and Perched

Cafe Viva (re-visit), 44 Choumert Road, off Rye Lane, Peckham. Saturday, c10.45 am
Flat white:  £2.50.  Lots of coffee taste, creamy top (there is something remarkably pretentious-sounding about that, apologies) and worthy of a destination coffee rating of 8/10
Beards:  2 (though neither very impressive and I had to rule out the third on the basis it was a bit weedy)
Laptops:  0 (but a whole wall of tablets and mobiles in use – what happened to conversation?!)
MacBooks:  0
Pushchairs:  1
Furniture:  sort of not matching but feels like it’s matching.  A bit lacking in personality (sat outside before so hadn’t noticed that)
China:  mismatched and suited to its purpose
Food:  small breakfast and lunch menu.  Custard tart (£1.80) good but not a destination tart (!)
Toilet:  Yes, but didn’t feel a need to investigate the full extent of the facilities
Wi-fi:  didn’t notice any
NOPUF – AGGHHH, even though only half – thoroughly distressing (such a middle class upset to the morning)
Summary:  I liked it better sitting outside.  It’s a bit too pale inside for my liking and I had to perch on a stool that wasn’t really up to the job, ahem, as it were (ie a bit more overspill than I’d like).  Coffee was good but I didn’t want to stay particularly long so 6/10, which is a shame as the staff seem nice and the coffee is good.
Flat White & Black Coffee Reviews's photo.

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