Coast Coffee Bar & Bistro – Windswept Hair, Golden Alsatians and a Break from Hotel Tar

Not the view from the cafe, but this glorious scenery is only 5 minutes away.

Not the view from the cafe, but this glorious scenery is only 5 minutes away.

(Arabica) Coast Coffee Bar & Bistro, Lighthouse Road, Lizard, Cornwall. Wednesday, 12.30pm. Flat white, price unknown (Dad paid). Quality 7/10. A good flat white with a smooth layer of creamy foam. No fancy coffee art hearts or ferns though. Not quite up to the standards of certain coffee-obsessed London baristas, but a very welcome break from the hideous tarry sludge that seems to be the norm in hotels the world over and which was the only coffee I had drunk all week. A mark or two knocked off for a slightly bitter, burnt note. Not destination coffee, but a satisfying cup nonetheless. Visit for the windswept coastal scenery at Britain’s most southerly point, a few minutes’ walk down the road (9/10), then recharge with a coffee.

  • Beards – None that I noticed. Certainly no hipsters.
  • MacBooks – 0.
  • Laptops – 0.
  • Pushchairs – 0.
  • Beautiful golden-coloured Alsatians with silky coats – 2.
  • Furniture – wooden tables and chairs (inside), picnic tables and bistro tables and chairs (outside). Matching inside, mismatched outside, but in a deliberate kind of way.
  • China – simple white restaurant china. Coffee in an Italian bar-style Lavazza-branded cup.
  • Food – a good selection. This is more of a place to eat than just drink coffee. We had fresh crab sandwiches and a bowl of chips to share. They were very good, especially the chips which were cooked with skins on. Yum. Also the home-made cakes looked very good.
  • Toilet – yes, inside at the back. A nice clean toilet which I think was accessible for wheelchair users, it certainly looked enough for a wheelchair, although don’t quote me on that.
  • Wifi – No idea. Who needs Wifi when you are in one of the most beautiful places in Britain?

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