Vagabond, Stroud Green – Crates, Napkins & Oomph

Vagabond, 20 Charter Court, Stroud Green Road N4 (sort of opposite Tesco)
Sunday, 1.45pm

Beards: Initially 2, became 4 (3 staff and 1 customer)
Computers: Initially zero became 1 laptop
Decor: Gives you the vague feeling that it’s all made out of reclaimed and recycled wooden crates, but doesn’t feel contrived
Seating: mix of seats, stools and benches; several outside tables too
WiFi: yes; password clearly displayed
Toilet: didn’t see one
Food: wide range of brunch-y items and a few cakes. The woman at the the table next to me had an omelette that looked very nice until she smothered it in brown sauce.
Napkins: my napkin came jammed between the two halves of my sandwich which added a whole new and unnecessary dimension to proceedings
Coffee: Long black £2.20. Such a nice coffee – great flavour and it had some body and oomph to it, which was great. However, it was ever so slightly burnt, so it gets a 7.9999999/10.
Overall: 8.5/10. Nice atmosphere and nice food. Shame about the near miss with the coffee. Definitely warrants a second opinion.


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