Flat White & Black coffee reviews – introductory poem

Fuglen Oslo - Bagpuss' benchmark 10 coffeeSometimes it feels so middle class
Aboard a train with a Thermos flask,
But we really can’t stand a coffee that sucks,
From a caff or a chain like the dreaded Star- bucks.

I know we are snobs where coffee’s concerned
But don’t like to pay for coffee that’s burned.
Two favourite coffees are black and flat white
But so many places just can’t get it right.

A few of us friends have regular rants
‘Bout coffee we say has tasted like pants,
And likewise with cafes we’ve had a good drink,
So here is our blog to write what we think.

We do this for fun, an excuse to drink more,
It’s brief and informal and we hope not to bore.
We have no bad motives or plans to offend,
We sit in a cafe, make notes and press “send”.


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