Department of Coffee (Chancery Coffee), Chancery Lane – Baristas and Barristers

Department of Coffee/Chancery Coffee, 90 Chancery Lane. Monday, c9.30 am.
Cappuccino to go (£2.90) with the St Clement’s Rwandan beans (there’s a choice of 2 caffeinated blends and 1 decaf). Perfect balance between creamy milk and coffee flavours. I could get all poetic about hints of liquorice and orange oil, but I won’t. Lovely brown-tinged crema, not airy foam (my biggest peeve when it comes to coffee) and no nasty chocolate sprinkles. In short, this is destination coffee, just the way I like it. 9/10 for quality. 1 point deducted for price and way too perky music (see below).
Beards – 2 (one on a barista, another on a barrister!)
MacBooks – 0
Laptops – 0
Pushchairs – 0
Furniture – utilitarian thin benches and tiny tables, not made to encourage lingering
China – non-existent for the milky coffees, it’s all paper cups here. They do have little espresso / macchiato glasses though. Odd that they can’t stretch to a few cups, but it is mainly the takeaway crowd around here, so maybe they feel there’s no need.
Food – lovely home-made looking cakes with an Antipodean bent. Laminations and Afghan Biscuits particularly good, although I’ve not seen the latter for a while. They also have pretty decent Portuguese custard tarts.
Atmosphere – I take my coffee away because I can’t handle the perky repetitive dance music. On my last visit it was a track whose only lyric was ‘I get up early for you’.
Toilet – not that I can see
Wifi – not that I noticed
Not sure if NOPUF or NNOPUF, suspect the former
Summary – A must visit for fantastic coffee, but take it away from the perky dance music to the peace and quiet of Lincolns Inn or Temple. Loses a point for rather high price and the music.


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