Den Smagløse Cafe, Odense (Denmark) – Bottled Sausage Museum

Den Smagløse Cafe Odense sausage display

Den Smagløse Cafe, Vindegade 57, Odense, Denmark

Tuesday, 1.15 pm

Den Smagløse Café Odense cappuccino and latte

Cappuccino: 35 DKK (c£3.50) Considering the environment is more pub than café, I was very surprised to drink a lovely creamy cappuccino that I would award 8/10

Beards: 1 (but potential for a lot more – there were, after all, only five other people in the bar)

Laptops: 0

MacBooks: 0

Pushchairs: 0 (but could be a good ten in terms of size of bar)

Furniture: delightfully mismatched

Den Smagløse Café Odense

Decor: quirky, interesting pictures on the wall, museum-esque (in fact there is, brace yourself, a tinned/bottled sausage museum display cabinet – yes, read it again, it’s true!), a few different zones, including a “being on an old bus” type zone.  A feast for the eyes and plenty to look at if you happen to be with someone really dull or who’s using their mobile instead of making conversation (my coffee buddy was fully attentive, I hasten to add)

China: mismatched

Food: another first (along with the wurst museum), bring your own food.  How cool is that?!  You can even order in takeaways, for example from the pizzeria opposite

Ambience: laid back, interesting, comfortable, my kind of pub/café/place to meet friends

Wi-fi: not sure

Toilet: yes

Summary: quirky music, cool bar, friendly staff, lovely environment and the kind of place I would like to spend lots of time and, unexpected bonus, great coffee.  Had the coffee been 9 or more, it would have been a perfect 10 from me for laid back cool environment, music and furniture, but 9/10


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