Bageriet Swedish Bakery, Covent Garden – Bubbles, Swedes & Cinnamon

Bageriet Swedish Bakery, 24 Rose Street, Covent Garden. Friday, c12 noon.
Cappuccino (£2.50) – Disappointing. White foam with air bubbles, not brown-tinged crema and WAY too much of it (5cm!). The coffee itself was bitter and had a burnt taste and it came with cheap-tasting chocolate sprinkled on it. Quality 5/10.
Beards – 1 (but not hipster)
Laptops – 0
MacBooks – 0
Pushchairs – 0
Gorgeous Swedes – 4
Furniture – White painted chairs and blonde wood, Swedish style
China – Matching white and navy plates and cups and nordic patterned glassware
Food – Here’s the reason to come to Bageriet. The whole place smells of cinnamon, it’s like walking into a cinnamon bun, and the cakes and pastries are fabulous. A little coconut and raspberry number (£2.60) was the perfect combo of sweet, nutty and sharp. 9/10 for cakes.
Toilet – not that I could see. It is a very small place.
Wifi – Again, not that I noticed.
NOPUF – but only half under the cake
Summary – I would definitely return for cake or to buy dark Swedish rye bread, but this is not a coffee destination, which is a pity because it seems to be offensive to those beautiful creations to serve poor coffee alongside them.


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